Quayside In Toronto

By: Yathavann Selvarajah

Quayside In Toronto

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With technology advancing every day in every sector, it was only a matter of time when a sophisticated smart neighborhood plan would come into place. Given that Toronto has become one of the leading tech centers, it is no surprise that Toronto will become home to the first smart neighborhood in Canada. Built from the internet up, the smart community will feature a highly sophisticated urban plan. 

The futuristic community will be developed at the Quayside Waterfront, a former industrial zone. With a strong emphasis on eco-friendliness, significantly reduced carbon footprint and a sophisticated system, Toronto will take neighborhood planning to another level.
The Housing Units And Buildings
First of all, the smart neighborhood will feature homes that are energy-sustainable and built from environmentally- friendly materials. The buildings will be designed to serve more than one purpose. With their minimalistic and highly functional design, it will be possible to convert them based on one’s needs (even for a day), e.g. converting a retail space into an industrial or residential one with minimum effort.
Energy retention through the use of a thermal grid that will control HVAC systems and recycle energy, as well as solar panels will also be part of the project.

The main idea of smart living is to reduce pollution, noise and waste and to promote a healthier lifestyle by enticing people to spend time outdoors and use eco-friendly transportation means.

The Outdoors
The outside will also follow suit with a splendid design and high functionality. The infrastructure will consist of several layers with a digital layer on top which will be the “carrier” of all the sensors measuring pollution, energy waste, traffic noise, the carbon footprint, etc. Looking for continuous improvement, a login platform will be available to residents which will also serve to “collect” data from residents in terms of their preferences, how much they walk on foot, etc. A lot of green areas are foreseen by the project as to promote healthy habits with numerous walking and cycling paths. The developers hope to eliminate car usage as much as possible and they will eventually introduce a shared shuttle service. The bike paths will be built as to melt snow on icy and snowy days in order to enable cyclists to cycle year-round. Cyclists can also count on adaptive traffic light as smart sensors will be used to detect cyclists from away triggering the traffic light to switch to green.

The new project is the first of its kind in Canada and it remains to be seen how it will impact the entire city and if others will follow suit. One important thing is that the smart community is not only meant for affluent residents but also for average wage earners and low-income families. Builders will be committed to the cause of affordability striving to build a mixed-income community where there is something for everyone.
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