By: Yathavann Selvarajah

Renting In Toronto

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Toronto is a city that has lots to offer, and it's no surprise that the housing market is active year-round. Renting is a popular option, and despite the great variety of houses, condos and apartment buildings, it's not always easy to find a great rental in Toronto. Some people opt for looking for a place on their own via online sites like Craiglist, while others hire an agent to help them...Read More

By: Yathavann Selvarajah

Features That Sell A Home: New Design Trends

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Besides a solid structure and functionality, there are a number of new trends that can add to the value of your home.  The new trends reflect the modern lifestyle and meet the needs of the new generation of buyers which are mostly millennials. Practicality over appearance and a minimalistic design have been the rule for the past decade, and it hasn’t grown old yet. Let’s take a lo...Read More

By: Yathavann Selvarajah

How To Prepare Your Home For Sale?

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Competition in the real estate market is fierce for buyers and sellers alike, and if you want your home to sell quickly, you've got to prepare and polish it up before listing it. You may not be able to do anything about the location of your home or its size, but you can certainly improve its condition and appearance to get more money from the sale. There are several methods which could help yo...Read More

By: Yathavann Selvarajah

GTA Housing Prices And The Market In 2017


The GTA real estate market has been going up and down this year. Looking back, homebuyers and sellers went through many turbulent changes throughout the year. Concerns about a potential market crash were very common, but luckily, the crash was avoided.  Now, we are at the threshold of a New Year, which certainly will bring new challenges, but let’s first recap what was going on in the r...Read More

By: Yathavann Selvarajah

Advice For the first time home buyer


You are buying your first home in GTA. Congratulations! You’ve saved a down payment, but now where do you start? What should you do first? While you’re excited to get started, it can also seem overwhelming. So let’s talk a little about the process and take some of the mystery out of it. At our first meeting, if you haven’t already done so, I’ll help you find a lender....Read More